Improper Practices and Unfair Labor Practices

Employees in both the private and public sectors are afforded legal protections from discrimination or mistreatment based on their membership in a labor union. At Greenberg Burzichelli Greenberg P.C., our lawyers have a great deal of experience representing both employees and unions in disputes resulting from improper practices (public sector) and unfair labor practices (private sector).

Organizations are described as either private (run by civilians) or public (run by the government). Our labor relations attorneys have handled improper practices and unfair labor practices cases that have arisen from either sector.

  • Private sector: The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) defines the means by which an employer in the private sector can react to employees who engage in the creation of a labor union, participation in collective bargaining, or the use of striking as a bargaining method.
  • Public sector: The Public Employees Fair Employment Act, commonly referred to as the Taylor Law, gives public employees the right to organize and elect their own union representatives.

Both of these acts clearly define unfair behavior. Several types of discrimination can occur in the workplace, including employees being transferred, demoted or terminated based on their participation in union activity.

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